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What Our Clients and Colleagues Say:

"I 100% hands down recommend this firm! Not only are they there to help you but, you are treated as you are their own family. The time and concern they put into helping with something that is devastating to you and your family is tremendous. I want to take this time to thank all the staff that has helped me through an extremely hard time in my life. Keep doing what you're doing. You are helping people that are lost in their time of need. Again, thank you for helping me Alan Holcomb. Thanks for taking the time to care."

  • Client, Youngstown, Ohio

“I tried a case with Alan Holcomb earlier this year. He works hard and works smart. He's also brilliant in the courtroom. As fierce a competitor and advocate as they come.” 

  • Trial Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“Alan is a talented and well-versed litigator. With extensive courtroom experience, including high profile and high stakes cases, there is no one I would trust more.”

  • Client, Atlanta, GA

"As a national trial consultant, I know good lawyers, and these lawyers are some of the very best I've seen. Any plaintiff is in great hands with Brett and Alan."

  • National Trial Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

“I had a great experience working with Alan.  In a situation that is already stressful and overwhelming he really went the extra mile to make sure I not only understood the process, but felt prepared for each step we took along the way.  I truly felt like he was fighting for my best interest and there is no greater feeling than that when working with an attorney. He was responsive and patient and this guy really knows his stuff.  I felt confident in his experience and his pool of knowledge on my unique situation. He cares and really wants to help people and it shows.”

  • Client, Atlanta, GA

“Alan Holcomb is an extremely knowledgeable and diligent attorney.  He treats everyone with respect and courtesy. I highly recommend him!”

  • Client, Atlanta, GA

“Alan Holcomb is a brilliant trial lawyer that diligently and fearlessly pursues justice for his clients. I highly recommend Alan!”

  • Paralegal, Atlanta, GA

“Nationally-recognized trial lawyers who handle high stakes personal injury, products liability, mass tort, and medical malpractice cases. When the pressure is on, you want these guys in your corner. Alan Holcomb traveled the country successfully defending some of the largest corporations and insurance carriers in jury trials involving multi-million dollar injuries. Now he represents injured individuals fighting those same types of companies for fair recoveries. He knows all their tricks and his clients are lucky to have him on their side now.”

  • Trial Attorney, Gainesville, GA

“Having worked several cases with Alan, I can't speak highly enough of him.  He's great in a courtroom or deposition, and quickly recognizes the issues that matter most.  Any injured or mistreated person with Alan on his or her side will be aggressively represented.”

  • Opposing Attorney, Kansas City, MO

“Alan Holcomb has skillfully handled complex cases involving catastrophic injuries and death all over the country.  Alan is compassionate, honest and hard working. He invests in his clients' concerns and makes meaningful difference in their lives.  I highly recommend him!”

  • Trial Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“I recently litigated a case against Alan Holcomb. You can learn a lot about a lawyer when you have them on the opposite side of you. Alan was professional, smart and an admirable opponent who anyone should want in their corner.”

  • Opposing Counsel, Atlanta, GA

“Alan Holcomb is not only a tremendous trial attorney, but also a great person. The effort and passion he puts into representing those who have been seriously injured is evident in his amazing results across the nation. When Alan is on your side rest assured you will have one of the best lawyers fighting for your justice and a perhaps more importantly in your time of need, a great friend.”

  • Trial Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“I have worked with Alan for a decade and he has consistently obtained exceptional results in my matters.  He is a talented litigator who listens to his clients and works with them to achieve the desired results. I have unconditionally recommended Alan to others when they required representation and they have thanked me for recommending Alan.”

  • Client, Philadelphia, PA

“Alan Holcomb is a nationally-recognized attorney that truly serves as both the 'Lion' and the 'Lamb' for his clients.  Filing a lawsuit is, sometimes, a vulnerable event. Alan has demonstrably proven his ability to tend to client's vulnerability and reassure them with his wisdom, courage, and confidence.  Likewise, when litigation gets tough, Alan won't back down. He's tried and true -- a REAL trial lawyer who has escaped the fire without the smell of smoke. He fights for his clients respectfully, but diligently.  In my humble opinion, retaining Alan as your counsel will place you in capable hands and position your case for victory.”

  • Trial Lawyer, Miami, FL

“I have known and worked with Alan Holcomb for approximately 10 years.  I can attest first hand that he is an outstanding attorney, a zealous advocate for his clients, extremely prepared, and all the while a gentleman and asset to the bar.  It is without reservation that I recommend him as a "go to" lawyer should I need to refer a client in need.”

  • Trial Attorney, Cincinnati, OH

“I have worked with Alan Holcomb for many years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, integrity and careful preparation. He is a top notch attorney who knows how to fight for his client in every situation. He will knows his stuff and knows how to do what is right!”

  • Trial Attorney, Chicago, IL

“Alan Holcomb is an excellent attorney.  He takes all his cases very personal and will zealously advocate for his clients.  Alan is well-respected by his colleagues and by opposing counsel. I highly recommend him!”

  • City Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

“Alan is an experienced trial lawyer, who will relentlessly pursue his client's goals. He works on complex cases and delivers exceptional result. No one better out there.”

  • Trial Lawyer, Atlanta, GA

“If you have a loved one who has been injured or killed by a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility, you would be well served to call Alan Holcomb and his firm right away.  He knows how to handle the many difficult details of these cases, and he knows how to fight for his clients. I've sat in depositions with him, and he is truly excellent. Don't trust your loved one's case to someone lacking his skill.”

  • Trial Lawyer, Chattanooga, TN

“Alan Holcomb is a tremendous lawyer and an even better person. Overall, it was a great experience and I highly recommend this law firm.”

  • Client, Atlanta, GA

“TC&H has your back. Great lawyers and great guys. They don't quit when it comes to your case.”

  • Trial Consultant, Los Angeles, CA