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Dangerous Products

As society has modernized, both consumer and industrial products have become more complex, and in many respects, more dangerous. Defective and dangerous products claim the lives of many people in the United States each year. And, unfortunately, often times the manufacturer of the product knows that its product is unreasonably dangerous, but sells the product to the consuming public any way.

There are three primary ways a product manufacturer can be held liable for a dangerous and defective product. First, a manufacturer can be held liable under a theory of "Design Defect" - that is, that the product was unreasonably dangerous as a result of its design. These defects occur in cases where the product design is inherently dangerous. Generally, these types of claims are proven by showing that the product failed to satisfy ordinary consumer expectations or that the risks of the product outweigh its benefits.

Second, a manufacturer can be held liable under a theory of "Manufacturing Defect," meaning that the product is dangerous because of a mistake or error in the manufacturing process or becuase of poor workmanship. Third, a product manufacturer can be held liable under a theory of "Failure-to-Warn." This theory arises when products that carry a non-obvious danger failed to provide adequate warnings regarding those dangers to the consumer.

The lawyers of Turnbull Holcomb have resolved dangerous product cases involving all three of these theories of liability. We have handled dangerous product cases involving defective automobiles, defective automobile component parts, dangerous air-lifts, and exploding gas cans, among others. We have received tremendous results for our clients in these cases, including a $25 million verdict in a defective braking system case in Los Angeles Superior Court and a $32 million verdict in a defective seatbelt case in Florida state court. We have handled these cases in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and Nevada.

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