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We are grateful to handle your case. We realized that you are likely going through the most difficult event that you will ever have in your life. Our job is to maximize compensation for your injury. To do that, we have put together a team of skilled professionals dedicated to achieving the best results possible for you. From day one in the case, we prepare every case for trial. Most often, this approach results in a fair and reasonable settlement for you. This strategy is what sets us apart from the attorneys who advertise on television and billboards. Complete dedication to success for you.

  • Alan Holcomb

    From his decade of experience in handling catastrophic injury cases, Alan Holcomb knows that majo...

  • Brett Turnbull

    Brett Turnbull has embraced the philosophy of keeping clients first in distinguishing himself as ...

  • Nikki Martin

    Nikki Martin is the head Litigation Paralegal of the Atlanta office. Ms. Martin has over 25 years...